What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Also called Colonics, Colonic Irrigation, Colon Cleansing or Colon Lavage.




The History of Colon irrigation:

Colonic irrigation is not a new therapy.  It was used by the Egyptians as far back as 1500 BC.  It was also taught in Greek medical school.  Back then they already recognized that  water is a highly effective cleansing agent that purifies, softens and neutralizes.  This treatment was also practiced by Chinese medicine more than 3000 years ago.  Colonics are once again gaining popularity as a wonderful tool that can enhance health problems.


What our specialized treatment involve:

Colonic Wellness Clinic uses a specialized method of colon hydrotherapy known as the “Brunelle Method”.  Along with modern advancements of technology few treatments can equal this method.  All round this method is the safest, gentlest most effective way yet of clearing toxins from the body.



• An iridology reading is taken to ascertain the condition of the colon before treatment.  This allows the therapist to concentrate on the areas of the colon/bowel which require the most attention.  
• A treatment takes about 45 minutes.
• A therapist is with the client throughout the treatment.
• We use small amounts of water, infused with pure medical oxygen.  This produces a soothing, antiseptic and healing effect on the colon.  It also destroys anaerobic pathogens(undesirable bacteria) and rejuvenates the tissue wall, allowing good bacteria to multiply in the colon.
•  We use a pulsating action which gently massages the colon to stimulate natural bowel movement(peristalsis) also enabling it to reshape and strengthen.
• The water is temperature controlled resulting in a more effective cleanse.  It also improves peristaltic movement.
• The treatment stimulates the organs of the body via reflex points of the colon(just like reflexology of the feet).  The therapist is able to stimulate the bowel’s reflex points to invigorate a part of the body which needs close attention.
• The treatment is gravity fed and no excessive pressure is ever used.
• The viewing tube enables the therapist to determine the current state of digestion(excessive gas, undigested food, presence of mucus etc.), and to give advice on how to improve digestion.

At the Colonic Wellness Clinic we value each client and treat them individually with 100% confidentiality.